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Bathing Mod

Gameplay mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
(3D modelling and texturing, game systems design, scripting)

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This mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is... maybe a little strange, if you're not a hardcore, mod-installing, maniacal Oblivion fan. It makes your character "smell bad" if he/she doesn't bathe once a day, and adds to the game (among other things) soap, copper bathtubs and the ability to bathe in bodies of water...

Yeah, I know; sort of ridiculous... but hear me out.

The mod came about because the idea for it (and how I could do it using the scripting language in Oblivion) just popped into my head one day, it would only be a fairly short project, and it would provide me the practice I wanted in a few areas I was interested in (modding Oblivion in general, scripting, more 3d modelling and texturing...).

I actually banged it out and released it fairly quickly while working on my major Oblivion mod, Hoarfrost Castle - which I released a few months later. The Bathing Mod was well-received, and has been downloaded around 6000 times, at the time of writing.

The art assets comprising the bathtub, soap and bathtub 'placer' are my work. Other assets seen in the screenshots below are from the base game, or mods released by others.

Included on this page (in this order) are some in-game screenshots of the mod, followed by download links.


Download Links

Download #1: TESNexus
Download #2: Planet Elder Scrolls

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