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Fantasy Demo - for BigWorld

3D art contributions to Fantasy Demo
(3D modelling and texturing)

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Fantasy Demo is what BigWorld Technology uses to demonstrate their MMO middleware package to prospective licensees: a tech demo with a medieval fantasy setting and RPG overtones. I and some of the other level designers at Micro Forte were drafted into creating some art assets for Fantasy Demo while upcoming projects were in pre-production. (As a side note, we used a modified version of the BigWorld engine for Kwari.)

Below are some screenshots from an (as yet unfinished) interior scene I worked on, along with two other level designers. I did some of the geometry and texture work, the entire lighting setup, the majority of the particle effects, and some of the water effects. I also tweaked the UVs substantially and did some additional work on all the textures in the scene once the other level designers' part in the scene was over.

Also below are some general set dressing art assets I created for Fantasy Demo. The models and textures for these are my own work. These set dressing assets were created following a brief from the lead artist at Micro Forte.


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